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A professional coaching firm, that offers the opportunity to match with master life coaches,  Specializing in life empowerment, love and relationships, goal succession, conflict resolution, talent development, effective communication skills, happiness and life's purpose. Services provided to individuals, corporate organizations, city governments, colleges and universities.

Voice-Up Life Coaching

Our Life-Coaching division is comprised of two d: Life/Self-Empowerment and Education.

Life and Self Empowerment

Our team of certified coaches look to build special relationships with our clients and truly tailor a program best fit for them. Feeling lost with work progression, general organization, health and wellness, love and relationships? We hope to draw your life's success path with you and empower you to do it on your own once you complete a program with a coach.

Coaching for Educators

Education has shown in 2020 that educators must expect the unexpected. We have a senior team comprised of educators with over 65 years that build a dynamic plan for our teachers or administration, whether it is your 1st year or 21st year.