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Who We Are

Jordan Wise
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

A very passionate and diligent professional with a Masters and certifications in School Administration and Supervision at the school and district level, and over 12 years of experience working with gifted, low-income, special needs and various other student populations.  He conveys an enthusiastic attitude that promotes hard-work ethic, attentiveness, data driven results and teamwork. His educational purpose is to build a strong sense of community by promoting team collaboration and provide an enriching learning environment for all students, and ultimately all schools and school districts. Among a few of his achievements he has co-facilitated and implemented an after school competitive sports and arts program for a major charter school network in NYC that currently runs that program for 34 schools. He has created a middle school merit-based behavior system lowering teacher referrals by 80% in one school term, and implemented a school-culture initiative in a school that helped lower suspension rates by more then 75%, in one school term. As a current doctoral candidate in Educational Policy, he plans to aggressively leverage policy in the forward advancement of academics and school culture nationwide.

Dr. Curtis Momon II

Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder

He is an unbelievably motivated and highly-qualified Special Education Advocate with over 10 years of experience working in the Georgia educational system. With various successful opportunities to lead school programs and make notable changes to unsuccessful special education programs, his professional philosophy operates under the ideals that with the proper guidance and motivation any student can overcome obstacles to achieve high levels of academic success.

Dr. Char-Shenda Covington

Chief of Academics

Char-Shenda D. Covington is currently a Chief of Academics for a Georgia charter network. In addition to supporting the executive/instructional leadership teams, she is responsible for creating, developing, and monitoring the effective implementation of the state standards, evaluating the quality of teaching and learning, creating assessments at the school and district levels. More recently, she served as a School Improvement Consultant and Literacy Trainer, as well as a principal, assistant principal, chief curriculum director, and assessment developer at the state and district levels. Dr. Char-Shenda Covington prides herself on being a passionate voice for all students, regardless of their societal constructs, letting them know they have the ability and capacity to succeed, no matter the odds. 

Latonya McDowell

Chief of Advocacy and Strategic Affairs

Latonya McDowell is a self–directed and enthusiastic educator with a passionate commitment to student achievement. Latonya is a truly methodical, thoughtful and strategic thinker with creative problem solving skills. With 10 years of experience working with youth, she offers a true understanding of student, family, teacher, and community advocacy. 

Darren Cotton
Executive Director of Community Engagement 
 A truly dedicated and highly motivated, community building mogul who has 10 years of experience working with major community after school and summer programming. Currently, he also works as C.E.O. of a non-for-profit academic and athletics program that we are partnered with currently operating in West Atlanta (Vine City).

Robert Stephens Jr. M.L.I.S.

Executive Director of Organizational Resources 

with about 10 years of library and school resource expertise, he has outsourced several well-known Atlanta based community members to help provide financial and political support for schools based in Metro Atlanta.