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Personal Health and Fitness Coaching

Our true belief is to design the program that is fit for the client. No one person can develop weight loss, weight lifting, or fitness goals without truly understanding how your body responds to particular diets and exercises.

We will tailor a fitness program specifically for you, or adapt your specific goals towards one of our predetermined  fitness programs.  

Athlete "Body"

This program is specifically for the current athlete or former athlete, who is prepared for intense high cardio and H.I.T.T. workouts with the aspiration for lean muscle mass and fast weight loss.

Fun and Fit "Body"

This program is specifically for the everyday person who wants to focus on weight loss through various different type of activities.  

Health is Wealth "Body"

This program is specifically for people who want to focus on weight loss through meal plans and moderate exercise.

What our customers are saying

I've never felt more confident in my clothes than ever before.

Lisa - Decatur, GA

I didn't think personal training was for me, but Coach Wise showed me I could make the most out of my time and get results fast.

Omar-West Atlanta

Service Prices

All packages may vary. Packages begin at $35 per session.

All basic packages start at


Per Session

*All adjustments are made with packaged goals per client.

1 hr session

All packages include in person workouts, and workouts for client without coach.

All sessions include basic health and wellness prep program.

All sessions include  personalized programs with guaranteed results.

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