Future Leaders and Innovators of Atlanta, LLC

"Providing Resources and Closing The Achievement/Opportunity Gaps!
What Is Your Community Need?

Future Leaders and Innovators of Atlanta, L.L.C. is an educational and community consulting  organization.

Mission: will be to provide connections to innovative educational and non-educational services and products for school districts and communities in order to improve student performance and life outcome.

Vision: will be to utilize educational consulting, affiliate marketing, and organization collaborations to serve as a pipeline to a build community partnerships that help transform education and drive close the achievement/opportunity gap.

WHO WE SERVE AND SUPPORTour team serves for-profits, non-profits, public schools, public charter schools, and private schools, self-employed independent businesses, small businesses, and corporations.

WHAT WE DO:   we utilize our network of over 5000 partnerships with school districts and businesses to help build a long-lasting partnership in order to pipeline innovative resources to our partners to exponentially increase student performance through mentoring the areas of, but not limited to:

-Writing curriculum, curriculum differentiation, data collection and analysis, school culture and climate, school operations, teacher recruitment and retention, community and family engagement, STEM and STEAM program development, grant writing, organizational culture, funding, teacher and leadership professional development, and after-school/summer programming, and school materials.

 We utilize digital marketing, advertising, social events, and promotions on various social media outlets as a major tool to connect partnerships and provide services to our clients.

WHY WE DO OUR WORK:  "More Than 40% of Low-Income Schools Don't Get a Fair Share of State and Local Funds, Department of Education Research Finds". The extreme differences in student achievement by demographic group are at an  unacceptable disadvantage and the unequal and inequitable distribution of educational resources and opportunities that affect the different levels of academic success for children based on their race, zip code and socioeconomic status is overwhelming.Our team believes that with aggressive and tailored pipelines to partnerships, we will be able to fulfill the significant gap of educational resources in low-income schools. 


We advocate for education  in schools to be redefined as "new" and "unprecedented".


The epitome of change is purpose.


 It takes a community village working with the same purpose to create true educational success.